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Where have you gone Omar Minaya?

I have to say that I’m a little concerned about the lack of activity so far this off season. I’m not extremely concerned… yet. I could be soon though. Pitchers and catchers report to Port St. Lucie in six weeks.

Brian Schneider and Ryan Church weren’t exactly blockbuster acquisitions from the Nationals. I can live with Schneider and Castro behind the plate this year. Although, I do think it’s a down grade from LoDuca/Castro.

Apparently, the plan for right field is a combination of Gomez, Church, and Chavez. I’m not sure that this combination will bring about better overall results than Shawn Green gave us last year.

Tom Glavine hasn’t been replaced yet. I’d like to see another lefty in the rotation to go along with Oliver Perez. The rumors so far have the Mets looking at Jon Leiber and the out of shape Bartolo Colon. Of course, Pelfrey and Humber are looking for their opportunity to break into the rotation. And Joe Blanton is still out there for a trade. My choice would be to sign a free agent rather than give up young players for Blanton.

The bottom line is that the roster hasn’t gotten better than last year. The catching has gotten a little worse, and right field and fifth starter are still major question marks. It’s about time for the Mets to shore up the roster.


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