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The Mets Bullpen Session Has Moved…

Take a look at the new home of the Mets blog at


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Briefly on Steroids


It’s incredibly disappointing to find out what a central role the Mets organization has played in the ongoing steroid scandal. I understand that when large sums of money are involved people will go to great lengths to get their hands on it. That’s what this whole scandal comes down to.

I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of the steroids names and stories. The Mets players, former players, and former employees were deeply involved, if not central figures in this situation. That’s the worst part of this as a Mets fan.

On the bright side… we still have the whole HGH scandal to look forward to when reliable tests are developed!

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Cubs Deal Precursor to Another Trade?

You may have seen that the Mets reacquired Angel Pagan from the Cubs today. He was sent to the Cubs two years ago for cash. The Mets traded two minor leaguers to get him back.

This could very well be a precursor to another deal in my opinion. Having Pagan back could give the Mets the flexibility they need to trade Carlos Gomez.

The outfield is pretty crowded now with Beltan, Alou, Church, Gomez, Chavez, and Pagan. They all won’t be on the 25 man roster.

I’m thinking this frees up the Mets to move Gomez + to the Twins for Santana. We’ll see…

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Where have you gone Omar Minaya?

I have to say that I’m a little concerned about the lack of activity so far this off season. I’m not extremely concerned… yet. I could be soon though. Pitchers and catchers report to Port St. Lucie in six weeks.

Brian Schneider and Ryan Church weren’t exactly blockbuster acquisitions from the Nationals. I can live with Schneider and Castro behind the plate this year. Although, I do think it’s a down grade from LoDuca/Castro.

Apparently, the plan for right field is a combination of Gomez, Church, and Chavez. I’m not sure that this combination will bring about better overall results than Shawn Green gave us last year.

Tom Glavine hasn’t been replaced yet. I’d like to see another lefty in the rotation to go along with Oliver Perez. The rumors so far have the Mets looking at Jon Leiber and the out of shape Bartolo Colon. Of course, Pelfrey and Humber are looking for their opportunity to break into the rotation. And Joe Blanton is still out there for a trade. My choice would be to sign a free agent rather than give up young players for Blanton.

The bottom line is that the roster hasn’t gotten better than last year. The catching has gotten a little worse, and right field and fifth starter are still major question marks. It’s about time for the Mets to shore up the roster.

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Your 2008 right fielder is…?

Shawn Green’s departure to free agency has left an opening in right field for 2008. I would love to see some combination of Lastings Milledge, Carlos Gomez, or even Fernando Martinez (if he’s ready) take over the position successfully. There’s nothing better than farm system talent taking over a position and producing. I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

There are some intriguing possibilities on the free agent market. Jose Guillen from the Mariners is free. He’s also a major league loose cannon, and has a history of causing major disturbances with management, teammates, opposing teams, and anyone else that he encounters. He’s also a serious offensive force. Last season for the Mariners he hit .290 23HR 99RBI’s and he’s got a big time arm in right field. That would be a huge improvement over Shawn Green. Green could barely hit the ball out of the infield and stumbled around defensively for most of the season. Of course, Guillen has also allegedly purchased steroids illegally. But that’s never stopped the Mets before (Guillermo Mota).

My choice for a free agent right fielder… Barry Bonds. That’s right, I said Barry Bonds! Yeah, he’s old and another alleged steriod user. He also appears to be a real jerk. The question that you have to ask yourself is: do you want to win a championship or not? Bonds is a free agent, he hasn’t been suspended for anything. I guess that could happen depending upon the results of his federal indictment. But this guy can hit like nobody ever has before except maybe Babe Ruth and Alex Rodriguez.

Sign Bonds to a one or maybe two year contract. It still leaves plenty of playing time for Milledge/Gomez because Barry won’t play every day. Even on the days that Bonds doesn’t start, wouldn’t you like to see him coming off the bench to pinch hit against right handers?

If you think that you’re taking some moral high ground by disagreeing with me, you’re wrong. Were the 1986 Mets a bunch of Boy Scouts… Gooden, Kevin Mitchell, Strawberry? No, but you loved them anyway.  And you’ll love the way Bonds can knock the lights out of the scoreboard in right field too.


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Hot Stove Report

Omar Minaya Omar Minaya

I haven’t posted to the site in quite a while. I started a new job in July and didn’t really have a chance to regularly update the site. That’s changed now! It’s time to get back to Mets business.

The off-season leaves some holes open in the Mets roster. Primarily, second base and catcher. The possibility of Glavine not coming back leaves a spot in the starting rotation open as well.

Second base: News reports have it that the Mets have been wining and dining David Eckstein in Greenwich. He would move from short to second and most likely hit number two behind Reyes. Keep in mind that the Mets already signed Marlon Anderson and Damien Easley, both of whom shouldn’t play every day but would be fine for short periods of time. I’ve never been a fan of David Eckstein, and the talk is that he wants a four year contract. That’s too much in my opinion. I’d rather see the Mets look at Mark Loretta for a one or two year contract. He could hit behind Reyes and with a little more power than Eckstein. I saw enough of Luis Castillo last season to know that he isn’t close to the player he was with the Marlins. The Mets shouldn’t even consider signing him again.

Catcher: Ramon Castro signed for two years. I love that signing. He’s a fantastic bench player! Yorvit Torrealba seems to be the Mets top choice to handle the majority of catching. There really aren’t any great free agent catchers out there this off-season. I don’t want LoDuca back, and I don’t think the Mets do either. LoDuca talks too much and produces too little. He’s also in his mid-thirties, the typical decline years for catchers. Jason Kendall, Michael Barret, and Jason LaRue are the other free agent possibilities. The Mets could probably get Ramon Hernandez in a trade from the Orioles if they wanted to go that direction. It would depend on how much the Orioles want for him.

Starting Pitcher: I have a feeling that the Mets might be thinking about trading for a SP. The free agent list isn’t great. Assuming that Glavine doesn’t come back, and I really hope he doesn’t, the logical possibilities would include: Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon, Livan Hernandez, Kyle Lohse, and Jon Leiber. There are some stretches that we could look at too. We know how Rick Peterson likes to work with “project” pitchers. The fee agents that come to mind are: Tony Armas, Matt Clement, and Wade Miller.

The bottom line is that last season is finished, forgotten, and the historic season ending collapse is over. It’s time to think about who will be reporting to camp in February.

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It’s been a long time…

I haven’t written anything in quite a while. It’s time to get back to business on this site. It’s hard to criticize this team. The Mets have the best record in the NL and are 2.5 games ahead of the Braves. What more can you ask for? I’ll tell you…

Aaron Heilman (5-2 3.43 ERA) isn’t the best option anymore for the eighth inning. Joe Smith (1-0 1.31 ERA) is. Willie always sticks with veterans for much longer than he should. Smith isn’t just a side-arming situational righty. He can get anyone out.

Speaking of veterans: Julio Franco is done, caput, finished. He’s taking up a valuable roster spot. If he had any pride he would retire today instead of taking the money that the Mets owe him for the rest of the year. Maybe he could make the Long Island Ducks roster, maybe.

Shawn Green has a small crack in his foot after he fouled the ball off it last night. He’s having a nice season so far (.314 5 HR 22 RBI). But he isn’t worth nearly the $9M that they’re paying him this year. I know he’s got 12 doubles, 1 triple, and 4 SB’s but he’s really lost a lot of the pop in his bat. Carlos Gomez, Lastings Milledge, or Fernando Martinez will make a bigger impact on the team next year.

I’m not too worried about losing series after series to the Braves. As long as they stay in the rear view mirror I’m happy. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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